Gary on TV7

1. Gary’s testimony
2. Jesus had an outlook on life
3. Background and ministry. Part 1 of 3
4. Background and ministry. Part 2 of 3
5. Background and ministry. Part 3 of 3
6. Kingdoms in conflict
7. Authority in Christ Jesus
8. Fortress – People consist of three parts
9. How are people demonized?
10. Living victims

Healing Broken Lives One Life at a Time

Gary interviewed by Markku Koivisto

During a visit to Finland in 2007 Gary was interviewed by pastor Markku Koivisto (former lead pastor at Nokia Missio). In this interview Gary talks about how demonization might happen, why also Christians can have demons, and how inner healing and deliverance can help you become free from any possible demons plaguing your life.

Gary’s sermon at Nokia Missio

During a sermon at Nokia Missio in Finland in 2007 Gary talked about our position and task as children of God as well as witnessed about miracles of healing during ministry of inner healing and deliverance. He also shared his amazing experience when he was taken into heaven.

Gary at Ilpoisten piiri

In 2011 Gary was invited to talk at an Ilpoisten piiri meeting in a fully packed Martinkirkko in Turku, Finland. Gary encouraged the people with testimonies of his own conversion and miracles he has witnessed in his ministry.